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Delphi Internet

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This site is intended as a general introduction for programmers & webmaster who would like to create CGI scripts with Delphi. Delphi is easy to use and it doesn't sacrifice performance.

The site is just for educational purposes if you want a professional component -- you should visit Anne Lynnworth and Michael Axe at HREF Tools Corp for that. This tutorial is meant to expose the fundamentals of the CGI process. Even if you plan to purchase ready-made tools you should understand these concepts.

The things that one needs to complete this project are as follows; Windows NT, Delphi 1.0 or Delphi 2.0, and WebSite (this stuff probably works with other web servers ). These three products lend themselves well to this project because they are very robust yet easy to use-- how many products can you say that about?

What happens when a CGI script is called?
Show me the HTML code that triggers a CGI script.
Show me the Delphi CGI Code.

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