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Delphi Bug List

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Below are a list of various Bugs that we have run across while developing applications and on the various newsgroups and sites relating to Borland Delphi. Most of the Bugs given are solved and are given with solutions. But in case certain of them are not please report them using the Submission Form

We have classified the Bugs that are found in Delphi and have put them into sepa`rate sections. For any one wishing to submit new Bugs that they come across during their Research and Development on Delphi please use the appropriate sections in the submission form and submit it. We will add them to this list immediately. Thanks to all of you who have responded with their ideas, suggestions ,more Bugs and their solutions.

Installation Bugs With Delphi And Other Components
Delphi Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Delphi Integrated Debugger
Visual Componet Library(VCL)
Delphi Components
Delphi Documentation

If you know of any bugs (or things closely resembling bugs), please report them using our Submission Form.

I will add them to this list as time allows (I do have a real job). Thanks to all of you who have responded with more bugs, and especially to those of you who have sent in workarounds and solutions to existing ones.

This list is available in HTML format for download as for those of you who wish to store it on your local computer. The contents page in the ZIP file is named buglist.htm.

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