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Borland Delphi


Product Summary




System Requirements


Product Summary

RADical performance Windows development

Delphi is the only Windows development tool to combine the Rapid Application Development (RAD) benefits of visual component-based design with the power of an optimizing native code compiler and scalable database access.

Delphi represents the next generation in

Performance--with the world's fastest compiler

Rapid Application Development--via visual Two-Way-Tools()

Component Reuse--a true object-oriented environment

Scalable Database Access--the fast track to client/server

The fastest way to the fastest applications

Delphi is the next-generation Windows development tool, combining the visual design environment with the unrivaled performance of a world-class optimizing native code compiler. Delphi includes the world's fastest compiler, capable of compiling Windows applications at more than 350,000 lines per minute, resulting in executable files (EXEs) that are robust and lightning-fast.

Delphi executables are also immediately deployable and completely royalty-free, and no runtime interpreter Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is required. Delphi applications typically execute up to 10 to 20 times faster than interpreted p-code.

Only Borland can offer this unique combination of integrated tools including its award-winning report writer, ReportSmith, the Borland Database Engine, and the Local InterBase Server.

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Product Features

RAD, from prototype to production

Delphi accelerates Windows development by providing a comprehensive suite of visual design and debugging tools that move you seamlessly from prototyping to deployment of finished applications. Delphi's Two-Way-Tools help you optimize your programming time by switching effortlessly between visual design and the underlying source code.

You'll create high-performance applications in record time with the gallery of reusable forms, project templates, programming experts, and context-sensitive intelligent help.

And smart computer-based tutorials guide you through your project and help explain concepts. The Object Inspector provides complete access to properties and events of a selected component, with smart Property Editors for rapid design changes. The Project Manager provides an overview of all forms and code for a development project, while the ObjectBrowser provides a graphical view of the overall object hierarchy.

The sophisticated GUI Debugger jumps directly to the point in the source code where problems occur, so you can find and fix problems quickly and easily. And full support for conditional breakpoints, watchpoints, call stack monitoring, single-step execution, and trace mode are included.

A suite of powerful Windows resource editors lets you create and modify menus, icons, cursors, and bitmaps for low-level debugging. The WinSight utility allows you to monitor the Windows messaging flow, while WinSpector instantly provides comprehensive diagnostic details.

Visual Two-Way-Tools for power programming

With Delphi, you can always get to your code, and everything you can do visually can also be done in code. Innovative Two-Way-Tools maximize your productivity by letting you move seamlessly between the visual design environment and the synchronized underlying source code.

Switching between the visual design mode and the intelligent BRIEF style source code editor is rapid and intuitive. It supports advanced editing features such as Color Syntax Highlighting, macro recording, column block marking, and regular expression support.

Reuse components to maximize productivity

The comprehensive Visual Component Library (VCL), a collection of more than 75 objects such as dialogs, buttons, and list boxes, includes a host of additional reusable objects including database controls, notebook tabs, grids, multimedia controls, and much more!

Delphi's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is fully customizable. Custom reusable components, external DLLs, and commercial VBXs can be rapidly added to Delphi's Component Palette. The completely customizable Integrated Development Environment can be tailored to individual or corporate preferences. Custom reusable components and commercial VBXs are easily added to the fully reconfigurable Component Palette. You can create and install your own application and form templates. And the Delphi component-based architecture allows you to seamlessly integrate DLLs, VBX controls, and OLE 2.0 servers into your applications.

Delphi is a true object-oriented development tool, including polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. Delphi's component-based architecture allows you to seamlessly integrate DLLs, VBX controls, and OLE 2.0 servers into your applications.

Integrated database support and reporting capabilities

Delphi incorporates the BorlandDatabase Engine (BDE), providing direct access to data stored in dBASE, Paradox, and the Local InterBase Server, and to other data formats via ODBC. And Data-aware controls allow manipulation of live data at design time, improving project turnaround time.

A comprehensive selection of Visual Data Objects helps make sophisticated database application design a breeze. And the included Database Desktop utility lets you create or restructure tables and manage connections, insulating compiled Delphi applications from changes in database locations.

Delphi also includes the PC version of ReportSmith Borland's award-winning database reporting and query tool that supports live data access at design time. ReportSmith supports a wide range of popular database formats, and provides a variety of graphing, tabulating, and charting options.

The ultimate complementary tool

If you prefer to work with a variety of programming tools, Delphi is the perfect addition to your toolset. It allows you to create reusable DLLs that can be called from applications built with C++, Paradox, dBASE, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and other popular development tools. Delphi can also use standard VBX controls, OLE2.0 servers, DLLs created by other development tools, Microsoft multimedia, MAPI, and pen computing APIs. No matter what you program with today, the Delphi component-based design makes it a valuable addition that leverages your existing investment in code.

Delphi gives you the control and flexibility you demand with complete access to the Windows API, while shielding you from the complexities of Windows programming.

Object-Oriented Programming

The underlying Object Pascal language has been enhanced to fully support exception handling. All your GPFs, disk I/O errors, and other dreaded problems are automatically trapped. And it offers all of the benefits of a structured programming language and a true object-oriented development tool, including polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. So Delphi applications are incredibly robust and deliver superior solutions for all of your mission-critical projects.

Enhanced compiler features such as conditional compilation and smart linking make it even easier to rapidly design professional applications intended for a variety of target environments.

Fast track to Windows 95

Delphi applications developed for the Windows 3.1 operating environment will also run under Windows 95 and Windows NT. Upgrading them to full 32-bit performance simply involves a single-click recompile with the forthcoming Windows 95 version of Delphi. No rewriting of code is necessary!

Smooth scaling to client/server

Delphi provides an easy path to the fast-growing market of client/server applications development. Transparent local SQL development is possible with Delphi, using the built-in Local InterBase Server, which enables you to rapidly develop high-performance ANSI SQL-92 compliant applications for standalone systems.

To make the transition from Delphi to professional client/server development and deployment using external database hosts, upgrade to Delphi Client/Server. It's a quick and easy process requiring no additional coding. Delphi Client/Server features high-performance native drivers for Oracle, Sybase, Informix;, and InterBase, along with team development support, a Visual Query Builder tool, and much more.

Delphi - Developer's Solution

Quickly and easily customize the Component Palette.

Delphi gives you everything you need for Rapid Application Development.

Manage all your code and visual objects with the Object Inspector.

Two-Way-Tools give you complete control of your code.

The Visual Component Library lets you build complete database applications in minutes.

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Product Specifications

Optimizing Native Code Compiler

Compiles at over 350,000 lines per minute ( Pentium 90 Mhz)

Create fast standalone EXEs with no runtime interpreter Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

Applications run up to 10 to 20 times faster than interpreted p-code

Create DLLs that work with C++, dBASE, Paradox, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and others

Access to all Windows API functions and messages

Optimized case statements, sets, 32-bit math operations, string and file routines, and more

Math coprocessor and emulator support

Automatic built-in MAKE facility

Conditional compilation

Smart Linker removes unused objects and code

Command-line compiler and MAKE facility

Built-in assembler for tuning performance

Linker optimization for smaller EXEs

 Integrated Development Environment

Integrated visual form designer with over 75 components

Two-Way-Tools automatically synchronize code and visual representations

Object Inspector allows visual customization of components without writing code

Built-in tools for alignment, scaling, sizing, and tab order

ObjectBrowser displays object hierarchy, units, globals, and code references

Project Manager displays all files and forms

Customizable environment including SpeedBar, Component Palette, editor, and browser

Intuitive Icon, Bitmap, and Menu editors

Open environment for adding your own tools, experts, components, and Property Editors

 Visual Component Library (VCL)

Customizable palette of over 75 reusable components

Support for the latest Microsoft systems technologies including OLE 2.0, DDE, VBXs, DLLs, MAPI, and ODBC

Standard components for menus, bitmapped buttons, masked edit fields, panels, graphics, notebook tabs, grids, outlines, list boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, labels, and more

Visual Data Objects for accessing databases, tables, queries, reports, SQL stored procedures, as well as data-aware grids, navigators, lookup lists, edit fields, list boxes, combo boxes, memos, bitmaps, and more

"Live" design-time data access

Extend the VCL at any time with third-party libraries or with your own objects created with Delphi

Database Field Editor for validation rules, display format, edit mask, and field width

Standard dialog objects for file operations, printing, font and color selection, and searching

System objects for accessing OLE 2.0 servers, DDE, multimedia and file, and directory lists

Support for MDI, printing, and graphics

2-D and 3-D charts with included ChartFX control

Compatible with hundreds of VBX controls

Includes sample objects with complete source code written in Delphi

VCL source code available separately

 Object Pascal Language

High-performance, structured, object-oriented language

Complete support for inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation

Control over privacy with Public, Private, Protected, and Published reserved words

Create components with properties and events

Use inheritance to customize any object

Automatic runtime type information and object persistence

Automatic, extensible exception handling

Support for open arrays, user-defined types, objects, and pointers

Advanced language support for delegation and class references

Separate compilation of units and DLLs

Over 150 library routines for mathematical operations, string manipulation, text formatting, and file management

WinCRT unit for creating standard Pascal "console" programs

Compiles Borland Pascal 7.0 for Windows code

 Powerful Editing

Full-featured BRIEF-style editing

Unlimited undo and redo

No limit on file size

Macro record and playback

Column block marking

Regular expression (GREP-style) search

Customizable Color Syntax Highlighting

Selectable editor keystrokes with support for BRIEF and Epsilon

 Integrated Debugging

Integrated GUI Debugger with single-step and trace

Conditional breakpoints and watchpoints

Call stack view for tracing code execution

Evaluate and modify expressions and variables

WinSight Windows message trace utility

WinSpector postmortem analysis tool

Compatible with Turbo Debuggerfor Windows (available separately)

 Borland Database Engine

High-performance engine with native drivers for dBASE, Paradox, and Local InterBase Server

Fully scalable support for migrating applications from desktop to client/server

Royalty-free deployment of database engine

Space-efficient deployment of database applications

Includes Database Desktop for managing database aliases as well as creating and restructuring tables

ODBC support for Access, Btrieve, Excel, DB2, AS/400, Ingres, HP ALBASE/SQL, and gateways like IBM DDCS/2, Micro Decisionware and Sybase Net-gateway. (available separately)

Delphi Client/Server includes SQL Link native drivers for InterBase, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix. (available separately)

 Local InterBase 4.0 Server

High-performance ANSI SQL-92 compliant

Ideal for "off-line" development and single-user applications

Computed fields

Outer joins and join expressions in the where clause

Complex data including Binary Large Objects (BLObs()) and multidimensional arrays

Advanced features including stored procedures, triggers, and constraints

Fully scalable to InterBase on NT, NetWare, and UNIX platforms

Local InterBase Server Deployment Kit available separately

 ReportSmith 2.5

Award-winning database reporting and query tool

Access ReportSmith from the Delphi Tools menu and TReport component

Features "live" report writing

Adaptive data access works with any size database

Prebuilt report templates and styles

Crosstab and mailing label reports

Multilevel sorting

Custom group specifications

Onscreen Print Preview mode

Free distribution of ReportSmith runtime module

Fully compatible with ReportSmith SQL edition

Documentation and Help

Extensible gallery of application templates and experts

Seven Interactive Tutors() with "live" interaction

Over 5Mb of on-line help

Five manuals with over 1,200 pages of documentation: Delphi User's Guide, Component Writer's Guide, Database Application Developer's Guide, Creating Reports, and InterBase User's Guide

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"Delphi is Visual Basic done right." --PC/Computing, Februrary 1995

"It's going to change our lives, you know." --J.D. Hildebrand, Editor

Windows Tech Journal

"When it comes to keeping required coding to a minimum, Delphi excels..."

--Windows Sources December 1994

"Delphi gives developers exactly what they need to create complete applications, posthaste." --Susan Ryan InfoWorld

"5 Stars--Excellent" --PC/Computing February 1995

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System Requirements

Intel 386-based PC or higher

Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later, 100%-compatible version

6Mb of extended memory or higher

30Mb hard disk space

CD-ROM drive (3.5" disks available separately)

Networks Supported

Any Microsoft Windows 3.1 compatible network, including OS/2 2.1, Novell NetWare, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and Windows NT 3.11.

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